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Yasser Abdulah Ramadhan, that's his full name. He was born on November 12, 2003. He has a skinny body. Don't know why? although he spent 2 full meals, but he never get weight! Compare with his brother! He is very active and moving from one place to other. He has a gentle heart and fully understanding, sometimes giving his hand to make his mommy smiles! 

He likes all instrument..and now he 's trying to be pianist
He likes game that make him active moves
He is very hard to wake up early morning, when he has to school!!

When he got graduation from kindergarten school ..
He tries this at home with his brother!! hope don't do this to his sista'!

Loves his sista' very much
Let your sista' go!

Looks like Twiggy!
Thin but sure!

Ade Ray wanna be!

loves guitar

on His 9 Years old, He is still a skinny boy but handsome and funny :D

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