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Yassin Karel Ummara is his complete name. He was born on July 3, 2001. When I gave birth to him, his father was studying in South Korea to take master degree. That's why his grandpa gave him middle name "Karel"..means Korea Selatan (not match, isn't it? hii). He is chubby and talkative. Always ask something that followed another questions. Sometimes he likes to joke and quarrels with his brother ..but I can count on him to take care his sista' . He is smart and he knows that! that's why sometimes he don't wanna study when he faces his exam. I told him : you are smart, ok! but you will be smarter if you study hard also! and smart boy became pointless if he is lazy!

I can count on him, of course not to make his sista' crying!!

got greetings from his cousins in his simple birthday on July 2010...

Please baby!! don't shot your mommy!!

same cute!

Soe-Hat Airport 

guess what? he cried to get that grilll fish!  :D

He grows up being handsome!

music is my soul!

3 July 2013- He becomes a handsome boy on his 12 years old

He got his graduation at elementary school
with his best friend

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